Proposal Management


Full-Cycle Proposal Management

Full cycle proposal management involves overseeing the entire process of creating, developing, and submitting comprehensive proposals to potential clients or organizations, ensuring a seamless and efficient approach from inception to final submission.


Kick-Off Call

A kick-off call is an initial meeting or conference call held at the beginning of a project or collaboration to set objectives, establish roles and responsibilities, and align all stakeholders on the project’s scope, timeline, and expectations.


Color Team Reviews

A color team review is a structured evaluation process in proposal management where different teams or individuals, represented by different colors (e.g., Red Team, Green Team, Gold Team), assess the proposal at different stages to provide feedback, identify strengths and weaknesses, and ensure the proposal meets all requirements and objectives before final submission.


Milestone schedule creation

A milestone schedule is a timeline or plan that outlines the significant events, goals, or key points in a project’s development or execution. These milestones are crucial points of progress and serve as markers to track the project’s advancement and ensure it stays on track to meet its overall objectives.


Hard copy proposal production and submission

A hard copy proposal refers to a physical, printed version of a proposal document, typically prepared and submitted in paper format. It contrasts with an electronic or digital proposal, which is transmitted and presented in electronic form, such as a PDF file. Hard copy proposals were more common in the past, but with the increasing prevalence of online submissions and digital documents, they have become less frequently used in recent times. However, some organizations or clients may still request hard copy proposals for specific reasons or as part of their submission requirements.