Environmental Sustainability

CaptureWrite Consulting maintains negligible carbon footprint through streamlined operations, waste reduction, item repurposing, recycling, and adopting eco friendly equipment and supplies. Our overarching aim is to leave a positive environmental legacy for generations to come.

In addition, CaptureWrite Consulting has joined forces with Evertreen to combat climate change, contributing to reforestation by planting 2 fruit trees every month in Ethiopia. This initiative not only aids in ecological restoration, but also provides food to the community and fosters job opportunities. It represents our commitment to mitigating the adverse impact of global warming on both the environment and the economic landscape.

Please Click Here to see the real-time impact of our contributions to date.

About Evertreen

Evertreen (evertreen.com), a small business out of Brentford, England, is the only platform worldwide enabling users to plant real trees online and track them via satellite. Evertreen trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and economic benefits. Each tree is certified, can be physically visited or even virtually donated to a third party. To date, Evertreen has planted over 700,000
trees which have absorbed more than 14,000 tons of CO2 and created nearly 90,000 working hours